“ I love it! I purchased both the notebook and the cup, the quality is outstanding. A Prepared Space and its vision has inspired me so much to be intentional with my quiet time with God that I am renovating my closet to be my prepared space. Can’t wait to add the Candles and blankets to my collection.

Mickeya J.

I love my candles and diffusers...can’t go wrong with any scent but my favorite is serenity. Every time I walk into my bathroom and bedroom I feel like I’m walking into a 5 star hotel. 

Erica J.

What a beauty when a product and it’s name collides!  Was about to pen in my new RED journal from “A Prepared Space” and it brought me so much JOY!  I loved the size, the quality of the paper, the line spacing, and the red hard cover!!!  As I journaled I was reminded God wants our best.  Great product...think I need another one to take to my meetings. Chose the best

Nicole B.

I absolutely love the SJW collection. The packaging for the candles and the diffusers is so neat, classy, and feminine. 

For my personalized prepared space, I purchased the Peace and Realignment candles, the journal in black, and the beautiful glass mug.  The scent of the candles are soft, warm, and inviting. Perfect to set the atmosphere to spend one on one with the God.   The journal is classy and sturdy-you can use pens and highlighters and it doesn’t bleed onto the other pages. The glass mug is perfect for coffee or tea. I used it while in my prepared space as well as when I’m working. During work just looking at the mug and lighting the Realignment candle brings me peace and joy and I know that the atmosphere is set even during work.

Felicidad R.